The warehouse (approx.2000 Sq. m) is connected with the general oral solid manufacturing building by a dedicated corridor at the back side. Two air locks are used to transfer materials from the Warehouse to general oral solid manufacturing area. One is for transfer of raw and primary packaging materials to the Product expose zone (manufacturing and primary packaging area) and the other one is to transfer packaging materials to Product not expose Zone (secondary packaging area). The warehouse is divided into three parts with fire wall. One part is used to receive materials. Another part is used to keep raw and primary packaging materials. This part is equipped with central air conditioner, fire detection & protection system. Five level racking systems are installed in this area. Total pallet capacity is 800 Nos. Designated area for quarantine and approved materials is available in this area. The material is stored in the respective area as per it’s required storage condition.. The other part of warehouse is designed for the storage of secondary packaging materials. Five level racking systems are installed in this area. Total pallet capacity is 700. Dedicated controlled areas are used for Rejected and Returned materials. Raw material sampling area is situated in the warehouse. The area is designed with cGMP concept having different entry for material and man. Proper change rooms are available for personnel entry.

The cephalosporin APIs are received stored and dispatch for manufacturing in the designated area of cephalosporin production area under warehouse custody.

The cephalosporin finished product also store in dedicated area in cephalosporin production area under warehouse custody. Cephalosporin API, intermediate and finished product is store, handle or expose nowhere except the dedicated area.

Flammable Material Warehouse:

Flammable material warehouse is located at the south east corner of the main warehouse. It is divided in three segments. All hazardous materials are kept in these rooms. The rooms are properly designed to prevent fire, explosion etc. Facility is there to confine water, if used in case of fire.

The warehouse (for general products) consists of the following areas:

1.  Large loading/unloading Bay.
2.  Receiving area
3.  Separate Raw, Packaging material and finished goods Store based on storage     condition

  • a. Storage area (Ambient condition)
  • b. Storage area (Temp. Below 300 c)
  • c. Storage area (Temp. 150c to 250 c & RH 45% to 65%)
  • d. Storage area (Temp. 8-15 ºc)
  • e. Storage area (Temp. 2-8 ºc)
4.  Sampling area equipped with LAF.
5.  Office for logistic activity & Lockers for warehouse personnel
6.  Area for fork lift battery charging
7.  Narcotic material store
8.  Rejected material store
11.  Return goods store