• Renovit<sup>®</sup>
  • Renovit<sup>®</sup>


Vit-B1 + Vit-B6 + Vit-B12

Normalizes the nerve cell metabolism and supports the regeneration of nerve fibers & myelin sheath by activation of the metabolism and the natural repair mechanism.

Indicated in mono and polyneuropathies of any origin such as diabetic, alcoholic or toxic neuropathies, neuritis or neuralgia, especially cervical syndrome, shoulder- arm syndrome, lumbago, sciatica, peripheral neuralgia, facial neuralgia, intercostal neuralgia, spinal pain, Herpes Zoster.

Renovit® Tablet: Each plastic container contains 30 film coated tablets.
Renovit® Injection: Each pack contains 5 ampoules in blister pack.


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