• Neural<sup>®</sup>



Neural is a Mecobalamin preparation used as a drug for peripheral neuropathies. Biochemically, Mecobalamin is a B12 containing coenzyme with an active methyl base. It participates in transmethylation reactions and is the most active of all B12 homologs in the body with respect to nucleic acid, protein and lipid metabolism. Neural acts to repair damaged nerve tissue in nerve disorders such as axonal degeneration and demyelination; and, it is involved in erythroblast maturation, promotion of erythroblast division, and heme synthesis, thus acting to improve the status of the blood in megaloblastic anemia.

Neural® is indicated for
*Peripheral neuropathies
*Diabetic neuropathy
*Drug induced neuropathy
*Alzheimer disease
*Perkinson disease
*Vertebral syndrome
*Nerve compression syndrome
*Diabetic retinopathy
*Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
*Multiple sclerosis
*Intercostals neuralgia
*Entrapment neuropathy

Neural® 0.5mg Tablet: Each box containing 6x10 tablets in alu-alu blister pack.


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