• Opocan<sup>®</sup>



Topotecan has the same mechanism of action as irinotecan and is believed to exert its cytotoxic effects during the S-phase of DNA synthesis. Topotecan binds to the topoisomerase I-DNA complex and prevents religation of these single strand breaks. Topotecan mimics a DNA base pair and binds at the site of DNA cleavage by ntercalating between the upstream (-1) and downstream (+1) base pairs. Intercalation displaces the downstream DNA, thus preventing religation of the cleaved strand. By specifically binding to the enzyme–substrate complex, Topotecan acts as an uncompetitive inhibitor.

Topotecan is indicated in the treatment of-
• Small Cell Lung Cancer
• Cervical Cancer

Opocan® Injection 4 mg/ 4 mL : Each box contains 1 vial in a plastic tray.


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