• Epirubin<sup>®</sup>


Epirubicin Hydrochloride

Epirubicin is an anthracycline cytotoxic agent. Although it is known that anthracyclines can interfere with a number of biochemical and biological functions within eukaryotic cells, the precise mechanisms of epirubicin’s cytotoxic and/or
antiproliferative properties have not been completely elucidated. Epirubicin forms a complex with DNA by intercalation of its
planar rings between nucleotide base pairs, with consequent inhibition of nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) and protein synthesis.

Epirubicin Injection is an anthracycline topoisomerase II inhibitor indicated as a component of adjuvant therapy in patients with evidence of axillary node primary breast cancer.

Epirubin injection 50 mg: Each box contains 1’s injection.


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