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Pharmacodynamic Properties: Astaxanthin (naturally occurring carotenoid) has very potent neutralizing effect against singlet oxygen as well as a powerful scavenging ability for free radicals. Therefore Astaxanthin serves as an extremely effective antioxidant.
Pharmacokinetic Properties: Astaxanthin (naturally occurring carotenoid) is absorbed by passive diffusion into the intestinal epithelium; this carotenoid is then incorporated into lipoproteins, transported to the liver via lymph and blood and partly resecreted with lipoproteins. More than 70% of the Astaxanthin is contained in the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) fraction of the plasma and Astaxanthin concentration in the small intestine is highest, followed by subcutaneous fat, abdominal fat, spleen, liver, heart,
kidney, and skin. The lowest concentration is in the muscles.

Astaxanthin is indicated as strong antioxidant. Also indicated for–
• Internal beauty and skin improvement
• Internal sunscreen
• Arthritis
• Cardiovascular health
• Brain and central nervous system health
• Silent inflammation (C-reactive protein)
• Eye health
• Strength and endurance & immune system
• Fertility

Commercial Pack
Avanza® Capsule 2 mg: Each box contains 3x10’s capsules in blister pack.
Avanza® Capsule 4 mg: Each box contains 3x10’s capsules in blister pack.


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