Message From DMD & CEO


Product Quality is the cornerstone of our success. It is our constant endeavor to provide quality products & services to highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our dedicated team has a shared commitment to collaboration and innovation as well as scientific and business excellence. We are excited to move forward to our mission to deliver meaningful therapies to patients of every corner of the world.

I would like to thank to all Physicians and Medical Practitioners patronizing to Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited through prescribing products as well as sharing their valuable feedback for further development.

We are spirally moving forward to introduce our products globally. As a part of our global challenge we are now exporting our products in different countries in Asia, Africa and CIS region whereas in many countries products are under registration process.

Key strengths driving our company’s growth are dedicated marketing team energized by ethics, values, dedication, management excellence and enhanced social values of research and development, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing and engineering department.

Finally, while I talk of brands, products and manufacturing facilities, I strongly believe that the driving force behind Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited is its people. And, the Company continues to focus on getting the best people on board be it in manufacturing, research or marketing, and providing them with the most conducive environment to best contribute to the Company and their personal development.