Major Machineries

Clean room, Origin: GMP Tech., India

High performance clean rooms with chemical resistant modular panels, GMP type diffuzers, low level extraction and terminal HEPA filter, Auto drop seals with all doors, double glass windows, integrated with BMS and available with auto alarming systems.

Clean corridor, Origin: GMP Tech., India

Built with high performance,anti-static SLE flooring with GMP coving, Emergency exits with adequate view panels.

PW & WFI System, Origin: Christ, Switzerland

RO & EDI based PW and Multi-column Water for Injection system with automatic temperature controlled loop built with on line TOC analyzer and SCADA system.

AHU, Origin: Saiver, Italy

GMP complied automatic air handling units with magnehelic display and integrated with BMS System to supply clean air through G4/F9/H13/H14 Filters.

Chiller, Origin: Trane, France

CFC Free dedicated air-cooled type chiller.

Compressed Air, Origin: CompAir, Sweden

PLC control oil and moisture free compressed air generator supplying to each user points through 0.2 micron filter.

Nitrogen Generator, Origin: CompAir, UK

99.99% pure, oil and moisture free dedicated nitrogen generator supplying each user points through 0.2 micron filter.

Duel-Fuel Boiler, Origin: Cochran, UK

Dedicated duel-fuel burner boiler to supply industrial steam.

HPLC, Origin: Simadzu, Japan

High Performance Liquid Chromatography having Auto sampling Device with Electro-Chemical, fluorescence, UV, RI & Conductivity Detector and suitable for on line calculation and data-integrity provisions.

TOC Analyzer, Origin: Simadzu, Japan

Fully Automatic TOC Analyzer with print out system having auto sampling device.

Gel Doc System, Origin: Biorad, USA

Fully Automatic Image system to detect molecular weight through electrophoresis for identification of recombinant products.

IEF System, Origin: Biorad, USA

Iso- electro focusing device to separate Molecular band for identification of recombinant products through Electrophoresis.

Electrophoresis System, Origin: Biorad, USA

Identify Molecules using Molecular band separation.

Spectrophotometer, Origin: Biorad, USA

Special Type spectrophotometer for detection of DNA, RNA and recombinant protein.

Micro Plate Reader, Origin: Biorad, USA

Biological assay of recombinant products, ELISA Plate reader and kinetic assay of Endo-toxin detection.

Ampoule & Vial Filling Line, Origin: Rota, Germany

Automatic PLC control 21 CFR part 11 compliant Ampoule & Vial Filling Combi –Line. Built with Restricted Access Barrier system (RABS).

Sublimator (Lyophilizer), Origin: Zirbus, Germany

Automatic controlled front loading Freeze Dryer, built with SCADA System.

Eye Drop Filling Equipment, Origin: Yoosung, Korea

PLC controlled Eye Drop Filling, Stopering and Capping Equipment, built with RABs System suitable for aseptic filling operation without personnel intervention.

Pre Filled Syringe Equipment, Origin: Dara, Spain

PLC controlled PFS Equipment with RABs System for aseptic filling of recombinant proteins.

Steam Sterilize (Autoclave), Origin: Zirbus, Germany

Automatic controlled push-through sterilizer for sterilization of injectable solutions and components.

VHP Pass box, Origin: Steris, USA

PLC based automatic controlled Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Transfer Pass box for surface decontamination of material for aseptic processing.

Manufacturing Vessel, Origin: Adam Fabrics

PLC control, Automatic compounding vessel compliant with 21 CFR part 11.

Metered Dose Inhaler, Origin: Pamasol, Switzerland

PLC controlled compounding vessel integrated with filling line.

Dynamic Pass box, Origin: Esco, Singapore

Active pass box, built with HEPA Filter for transfer of materials from lower clean zone to higher clean zone.

Washing & Depyrogenation Tunnel, Origin: Rota, Germany

Automatic Washing & Depyrogenation Tunnel integrated with Filling line having supply of HEPA filtered hot and clean air (H 14) inside heating chamber.